About Me and The Challenge

Hello! I am GreeneyedSimmer, I have been playing the Sims since 2008. I started out with Sims 2 and fell in love! I have since moved on to the Sims 3.  I currently have every expansion pack except World Adventures and Showtime.  I also have the Master Suites, Town life and Outdoor Living stuff packs installed.  And a decent amount of store content.

This is my first attempt at  an ISBI legacy.  They look like so much fun and I just couldn’t resist giving it a shot!

The rules I will be following for this legacy come from the sims 3 forum site:  Rules

I have decided to use points instead of tallies. So it will go like this:

  • Self Wetting : -5
  • Passing Out : -5
  • Failing School : -5
  • Game-Forced visit from Police, Firefighters or Babysitters : -5
  • Accidental Deaths : -10
  • Social Worker Visit : -15
  • Every Birth : +5
  • Twins : +10
  • Triplets : +15
  • Fulfilling LTWs : +10
  • NTH Spouse Reaching Top of Career : +5
  • Every Honor Roll : +5
  • Randomizing every LTW and trait for an entire generation : +10
  • Not Using Spares Lifetime Happiness points for an entire generation : +10
  • Every 100,000 simoleons earned : +20
  • Painting of Torch Holder : +5

So there ya have it! We will see what comes of this craziness. Im sure My patience will be tried on more than one occasion, but I will try not to lose my temper haha,

  1. Wow, this challenge sound really hard! I’m such a control freak, I’m not sure I’d cope! I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s gone for you so far 😀

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