Generation 1.3: Finally I Pronounce You Husband and Wife

Welcome back to my ISBI legacy! After some difficulties involving Valerie assaulting poor Benjamin due to her insane trait I believe we are back on track!


Valerie apologizes for slapping Benjamin repeatedly by jumping into his arms! She is so excited to marry him, hopefully he feels the same!


And here they are enthusing about the wedding together! So cute! I


Here is the wedding area I set up since Benjamin refused to have a private wedding!!! Try to resist now Benjamin!


YAY finally! Now promise to lurve eachother for ever and ever! Love how they exchange rings!!!!! So cute.


Obligatory rice throwing!!!!


Finally a sim wedding where the bride and groom can actually get to the cake! CUT THAT CAKE!!!!


And here we have a close up of the lovely Benjamin Covington! I can’t remember all of his traits… but I do know that he is Athletic, Proper and Grumpy! I feel like his genetics will mix well with Valerie’s


Oh yeah! He’s a witch! Just because. So even though I can’t control him, it will be fun watching him play with magic. And I love seeing him ride the broom.


Gave them an actual bedroom with the money that Benjamin brought to the family!!


Valerie has decided its BABY MAKING time! Unfortunately Benjamin can’t seem to get his mind off sports, even with his smoking hot wife kissing him.


Woohooing in the shower seemed appropriate since all the other big romantic moments happened there. As in true legacy fashion… this was followed by a baby lullaby so generation 2 is officially cooking!!!

So thats all we have time for in this edition but come back for the next chapter!! 😀


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  1. Ben’s so handsome! I see some adorable babies in their future! XD

  2. Oooh Ben is very good looking. Will make nice looking babies!!! 🙂

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