Generation 1.4: In the Baby Way!

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to my fourth chapter in the ISBI Challenge. So far, Valerie got a proper house, a husband and is now pregnant. and we haven’t had any failures so far. so lets get on with it!


Hey there Benjamin! Way to endear yourself to me with some autonomous skilling!


We all know what that green sludge means!!!!! BABIES!

Valerie: try not to be too overjoyed by my misery …*retch*


oh Benny! You so sexy, and you care about fresh breath +1! haha jk.


I know it seems like a bit of a time lapse, but thats because nothing, and i mean nothing happened for the remainder of the previous day. they went to work and then went to bed… but now Valerie has popped 😀


Valerie chose to walk around in her maternity bathing suit, due to her insane trait, apparently Benjamin found it gross! Thats rude Benjamin!


Magic is always best when practiced in your boxers.


awwww! yeah Benjamin hug your wife, show her that she isn’t gross.


spousal bonding through cleaning!!! They refuse to bring a baby into a filthy house!


Back in the bathing suit I see, Valerie.  clearly Benny doesn’t think you are gross at all. He wants to feel your tummy!


Right after that Valerie went into labor! and took the bicycle to the hopsital… by herself… :/


Benjamin went to work and left his wife with the new baby. Meet Marcus!!! He is excitable and easily impressed. Im curious to see who he will look like in the future.


Mommy-baby bonding time! so cute. and I love her outerwear!


I soon realized that becoming the Master of Mysticism was an unrealistic goal, I used some of Valerie’s LTHP to change her lifetime wish to surrounded by family. and I bought an easel and had her register as a painter.


New mommy is all tuckered out and sleeping in the rocking chair!!!! AWWWWWW!


And time for sparkly birthday explosion!!!! *squeeeeeee*


SO CUTE! Looks like he got daddy’s eyes and mommy’s nose and haircolor. He’s gonna be a hottie when he gets older.


I think that is all for this installment. But I will end with an adorable picture of Daddy and son together!!!

Thank you all for reading once again. 😀

  • Self Wetting : 0
  • Passing Out : 0
  • Failing School : 0
  • Game-Forced visit from Police, Firefighters or Babysitters : 0
  • Accidental Deaths : 0
  • Social Worker Visit : 0
  • Every Birth : +5
  • Twins : 0
  • Triplets : 0
  • Fulfilling LTWs : 0
  • NTH Spouse Reaching Top of Career : 0
  • Every Honor Roll : 0
  • Randomizing every LTW and trait for an entire generation : 0
  • Not Using Spares Lifetime Happiness points for an entire generation : 0
  • Every 100,000 simoleons earned : 0
  • Painting of Torch Holder : 0



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  1. Oh. My. Goodness! *squeals*
    Marcus is the cutest little thing! XD

  2. ROFL at him practicing magic in his boxers. Marcus is adorable!!! 🙂

  3. Naw, Marcus is super cute!

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