Chapter 1:3 – Baby Boom

The Yuri Legacy

Hey, and welcome back! Sorry about such a wait for the next chapter…. But here it is! It’s a bit rushed mind as I have been playing a lot recently but haven’t had the time to post. There are a lot of births! Hence the title.. BABY BOOM!! It’s been a busy time…

Nora: Yes it has! And I couldn’t be happier.




Nora: I wanted a family straight away. So after the wedding… we got busy.

I can see that. Very steamy in that shower.



Things worked properly, and Nora became pregnant, and soon gave birth to a little vampire boy called Artie. He was eccentric and a couch potato.


Being loved by his parents, Artie grew up to a toddler.


As Artie grew into a toddler, Nora and Harry wanted to give him a little brother or sister. So they took advantage of the igloo outside. And…

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