Generation 2.2: You’re What?!?

Hey after some technical difficulties, we are back! 


Ivan is starting off his day bright and early. By courting the lovely Henley. The springtime festival seemed like the perfect place. 


Looks like its working!!! Way to go Ivan! 


Ivan: You’re the prettiest gal ever!


More cute spam!!! 


We are pulled home suddenly because it is Grimmy’s birthday! He makes such a cute elder kitty. 


Awwww Ivan even dreams of marrying Henley. 


those marriage dreams put Ivan in the mood, so he hits up his hunny with a woohooty text 


She said yes and rushed right over!!!!!!! 



Yes kitty thats how humans play house. lolz.


They get out of bed and I realize that Henley is pregnant by another man…. WHAT?!? That hussy!


however it hasn’t deterred Ivan, he still loves her. 


He quickly gets her to breakup with her boyfriend and be his girlfriend instead… story progression acted incredibly fast on her…


He wastes no time in proposing since she is here anyways. Of course she said yes!


Followed by a quick private wedding. 

On this note I think its a good place to stop for now. 

Thank you again for reading, hope you enjoyed :D

  • Self Wetting : (3) -15
  • Passing Out : (1) -5
  • Failing School : 0
  • Game-Forced visit from Police, Firefighters or Babysitters : 0
  • Accidental Deaths : 0
  • Social Worker Visit : 0
  • Every Birth : (5) +25
  • Twins : 0
  • Triplets : 0
  • Fulfilling LTWs : (1) 10
  • NTH Spouse Reaching Top of Career : 0
  • Every Honor Roll : 0
  • Randomizing every LTW and trait for an entire generation : 0
  • Not Using Spares Lifetime Happiness points for an entire generation : 0
  • Every 100,000 simoleons earned : 0
  • Painting of Torch Holder : 0




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