Potential Hiatus?

Hey there everyone,

I know that its crazy to go on hiatus when I am only in the beginnings of my legacy challenge. But lately I have been finding it hard to be inspired to play with this family. I love them a lot but I feel like the readers aren’t completely into the story/commentary… or lack there of. I kind of just dove into this challenge without putting any thought into it. Thinking that maybe a story would evolve over time and who knows maybe it will but I am debating taking some time to plan out a truly story oriented legacy. I love hearing feedback from the readers and would like to know what all of you have to say about this idea. Or if you would like me to continue on with this family and/or my regular legacy challenge.

Love to all the readers <3,


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  1. Sorry to hear that. ISBIs are hard to have a story for because you never know what in the heck they are going to do next. I hope you want to play this family again soon. I really enjoyed reading about them. ^-^

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