Generation 1: Valerie Covington

Meet The Founder

Generation 1.1: So it Begins

Generation 1.2: I Think We Found a Winner… or Not

Generation 1.3: Finally I Pronounce You Husband and Wife

Generation 1.4: In the Baby Way

Generation 1.5: Chugging Along

Generation 1.6: Birthday Boy

Generation 1.7: Chores, Birthdays and Herpaderp

Generation 1.8: Seriously?!? Every day is a Birthday

Generation 1.9: Birthday, Kitties, and Self-Wetting

Generation 1.10: Are We Done Having Kids Yet?

Generation 1.11: No Moar Babiez

Generation 1.12: Moving Out

Generation 1.13: One Less Mouth to Feed

Generation 1.14: Its Been Awhile…

Chapter 1.15: The End is Near…

ivan header

Generation 2: Ivan Covington

Generation 2.0: Tragedy Strikes and New Lives are Created

Generation 2.1: More Accidents and Potential Love

Generation 2.2: You”re What?!?

Generation 2.3: Grim Tidings

Generation 2.4: Growth

Generation 2.5: A Day in the Life of…

Generation 2.6: Baby Time and Birthdays

Generation 2.7: Same Old, Same Old

Generation 2.8: And We Have Another

Generation 2.9: So Many Birthdays

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